Who Are We?

        The Wolf’s Reign is a 501c3 IRS non-profit animal welfare organization, performing rescue, adoption and evaluations of captive born/raised wolves and wolfdogs. We are also a rescue resource involved in the acquisition and distribution of donated food, funding, animal transportation and other resources to related rescues.  The Wolf’s Reign is the culmination of many years in the animal rescue field, working with many well-known organizations.

What Do We Do?

        The Wolf’s Reign performs rescue operations, usually, but not always, in partnership with other rescue organizations and public agencies.  Among these different fellow non-profits are such organizations as Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC), in Ventura County,  Project Wildsong, in Kern Co.,  Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, in San Bernardino County CA,  Apex Protection Project in Los Angeles Co., Pacific Wildlife Care and WHAR Wolf Rescue, in San Luis Obispo County CA.
        Our rescue operations may be as simple as picking up a stray companion animal at either a private residence or an animal control facility, to capture of feral domestic animals in the local wilderness areas.  Our wildlife rescues involve retrieval of weak or injured animals which are taken to wildlife care facilities such as Pacific Wildlife Care (PWC), where they are rehabilitated and released back into the wild.
        Our other functions may include taking delivery and transport of donated foodstuffs and equipment for use in animal welfare, obtaining funding via grant writing and conducting fundraising events, as well as delivering public education programs to increase awareness of animal issues, such as coyote abatement and familiarization with local wildlife.


Why Do We Do What We Do?

        The reason for doing what we do is that there are too few organizations that have the resources to do what we do.  TWR was conceived to be a comprehensive rescue resource organization, able to do in one organization what it can sometimes take 3 or 4 organizations to accomplish.


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